Packing Light

The visual musings of a globetrotting photojournalist
5-frame HDR @ 50mm, f/2, ISO 200

Tucked away at the southern end of Australia’s southernmost state, Tasmania, is the island’s sleepy capital city, Hobart. The regrettably brief duration of my layover in Tasmania limited my ability to venture out beyond Hobart’s suburbs. I will definitely need to make a return trip…

Hobart in a Day

70mm @ 1/1250, f/2.8, ISO 100

With the highest nominal gross domestic product in Africa and an emerging market, Nigeria has become a powerful economic force on the continent and an increasingly important player in the global marketplace. While the country’s oil production and expanding financial, service, communications, technology and entertainment…

Nigeria Express (4 of 4): The Space Between

32mm @ 6s, f/4, ISO 320

For all of its well-publicized foibles, Lagos is still a sight to behold. Beneath its rough exterior lies a city perpetually on the verge of either greatness or complete chaos. It’s this dichotomy that makes Lagos such a fascinating destination, especially for those brave souls…

Nigeria Express (3 of 4): Exploring Lagos

105mm @ 1/200, f/5.6, ISO 100

On a typical morning in southwestern Nigeria, a dense blue-gray smog hangs menacingly over Lagos Lagoon, blotting out the sunrise and casting a sickly pall over the mainland and islands that comprise the continent’s most populous city. Within this chemical haze, the rotten egg stench…

Nigeria Express (2 of 4): Makoko

85mm @ 1/50, f/2, ISO 2500

Late Nigerian musician and social activist Fela Kuti pioneered the Afro-beat music genre and used his performances as a platform to decry corruption and inequality in Nigeria. His searing commentary against corrupt politicians and military leaders made him a hero to the Nigerian people, but…

Nigeria Express (1 of 4): New Afrika Shrine


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