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In recent years disagreements between Israel and Palestine regarding sovereign territory have frequently boiled over into violent confrontation. Although the lack of progress toward a mutually agreeable resolution has cast a pall over the region, many people around the world, including a growing number of Israelis and Palestinians, still hold an optimistic outlook for a two-state solution.

West Bank in a Day


With clashes related to strained Israeli-Palestinian relations dominating the headlines, it’s sometimes easy to forget that Jerusalem is also a place where everyday people of all backgrounds and faiths live, shop, play and work just like many other major cities around the world. I took to the neighborhood streets away from the tourist-filled Old City to document some of the ordinary interactions that take place in a community at the center of extraordinary international scrutiny.

Jerusalem Express (3 of 3): A Tale of Two Cities


Given the entrenched (and often contrasting) perspectives of Israelis and Palestinians on contentious issues like ownership of Jerusalem, the status of Gaza, and Israeli settlements in the West Bank there is a palpable tension in the region that sometimes spills over into violent confrontation. A growing number of individuals,…

Jerusalem Express (2 of 3): Shades of Gray