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Once-in-a-lifetime opportunities, like snorkeling in Jellyfish Lake, are a major reason nearly 200,000 tourists annually make the often lengthy, expensive and logistically complex journey to these remote spits of land at the western edge of the Caroline Island chain.

Palau Express: Biodiverse Paradise


The church is the most trusted institution in Georgia. According to a 2013 survey 95% respondents had a favorable opinion of its work. It is highly influential in the public sphere and is considered Georgia’s most influential institution.

Georgia Express (2 of 2): Unique Orthodoxy


In recent years disagreements between Israel and Palestine regarding sovereign territory have frequently boiled over into violent confrontation. Although the lack of progress toward a mutually agreeable resolution has cast a pall over the region, many people around the world, including a growing number of Israelis and Palestinians, still hold an optimistic outlook for a two-state solution.

West Bank in a Day